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Let's take a little tour of the house

On entering, through the remarkable arcaded stone façade, the scent of lavender envelops you. Let yourself be embalmed by these perfumes and soak up the beauty of the music that fills the house.

Going up the spiral staircase, in cut stone, you reach a large reception room, where a gourmet breakfast is served in the dining room. Enjoy moments of relaxation in our charming patio-garden, a true haven of

Evenings near the imposing medieval fireplace allow you to taste our herbal teas from the garden.
You will feel at home, comfortably installed in our rooms equipped with absolutely comfortable beds and linens selected with the greatest care, such as aged linen sheets.

You have a work space conducive to inspiration and of course, we provide you with free Wi-Fi to stay connected to your daily life.

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